Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Remove The Name Of Jesus"

"And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."  Matthew 28:18

In today's society you can talk about God if you want to.  You can say "God" in public.  The battle comes when you say the name of Jesus.  Saying the name God is all right because God can be anything or anybody you want God to be. It has become a generic term.

The battle comes when you say Jesus is God.  The persecution and trouble comes when you say the name of Jesus.  Why is this?   The first question is-- who is behind this plot to remove Jesus and His name from the world?  Satan.  He doesn't want people believing in and coming to Jesus.  There are two major reasons why.

First, he wants all of mankind to be lost and spend eternity in hell away from God.  He knows there is no other name in heaven or earth that will save the soul.  He knows that Jesus is the Only Way to heaven.  He knows that Jesus is the Door through which every soul who is saved will and has to enter through.  If he can remove Jesus-- the Way and the Truth-- from our mouths and minds-- we will be eternally lost.

Second, he knows the Power that is in the name of Jesus.  He wants to keep us from coming to Jesus and making Him Lord and Savior because when we do, we have power than over all his powers.  He can't manipulate us any more.  He can't deceive us any longer.  He can't make us fearful, doubting and full of guilt and condemnation any longer.  He has lost his power over us.  We have power over him!  He doesn't want us to know how powerful Jesus is because then we will discover that Jesus has delegated His power to us to use against his schemes, devices and lies.

If we discover how powerful Jesus is and the power that He has given to us in His name, the devil loses the power he has over us.  We are no longer held down by him.  We find out that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  If he can keep that truth from us, if he can keep us ignorant, he will keep us in bondage.

There is Life- eternal life- in the name of Jesus.  There is power- all power- in the name of Jesus.  No wonder the devil fights against the name of Jesus and wants to remove it from our knowledge. 

Have a great day.  There is power and life in the Name of Jesus.

For further reading:
Acts 4:12
John 14:6
1John 4:4
Philippians 2:10
Luke 10:19

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