Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Breakthrough Or Transformation?"

"Which turned the rock into a standing water, the flint into a fountain of waters."  Psalm 114:8

We talk about needing a "breakthrough".  We need a breakthrough from some financial burden, or from a besetting sin, or from some other thing that has us in bondage and is holding us back from our full potential or where we want to be.  While breakthroughs get us out of ruts, out of unpleasant situations, take us from one state to another, it is not breakthroughs that we need as much as we need "transformation". 

A breakthrough will move us from one location, from one mindset, or from one obstacle to another, but that "move" is often only temporary.  In the verse above there wasn't a "breakthrough" in the rock or flint.  There wasn't a pinhole or a crack in either that brought forth water.  The rock was turned into standing water.  The flint was turned into a fountain of water.  There wasn't just a release or access made from which the water could flow.  They were both transformed into water.

When we come to Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior and He enters our lives, it isn't about having breakthroughs- although there are times when we do- it is about transformation.  He wants to transform our lives.  He wants to make them into something else.  He wants to turn them into another "form".  "If any man is in Christ he is a new creature."  That isn't just a breakthrough, that is a complete transformation.  That is a worm turning into a butterfly.  That worm doesn't exist any longer, it is now transformed into a butterfly. 

Transformation into a new creature happens at salvation, but that isn't the end.  That is the beginning of a life of continual transformation-- transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, taken from glory to glory, becoming more and more transformed to look like Jesus.  The whole chapter above is about the fear of the Lord.  The fear of the Lord is about reverencing Him, honoring Him, recognizing who He is, obeying His commands, following Him, decreasing that He might increase, yielding yourself to Him and His will, and surrendering self.  The fear of the Lord is what brings about transformation.

We all need breakthroughs at times.  Breakthrough may come and they may not.  But what we need more than anything is transformation.  Transformation will keep you steady, uphold you and keep you from falling even if the breakthrough doesn't come.

Have a great day.  We need transformation more than we need breakthroughs.  Transformation comes through the fear of the Lord.

For further reading:
Psalm 114
2 Corinthians 5:17   

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