Friday, October 11, 2013

"The Lord Is My Source"

"So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me." Hebrews 13:6
If you don't know that The Lord is your Helper during these trying and uncertain times you will not be able to stand or endure them. You have to know-- not think so, not hope so-- that HE IS YOUR helper. This is a personal assurance. You have to know that He is your helper on a personal, individual level. Just because He may be your parent's helper, your spouse's helper or your friend's helper won't "help" you through hard times. You have to know Him for yourself personally and that He is YOUR helper.
You also have to know that The Lord-- not your boss, not the government, not your savings account, not your welfare check, not your spouse, not some other person-- is your helper. He alone is your SOURCE. He may use different avenues, different means and other people, but they are not your source-- HE is your source. Who sent the Israelites food for forty years? The corner grocery didn't; some leader of another country didn't ship it in; Moses didn't. God rained it down on them from heaven. Who fed Elijah at the brook during a drought? God did. He used a raven, then He used a widow, but God was His source of provision. Who caused Isaac to prosper even in a time of famine? God did. 
If you aren't settled in your heart that God alone is your helper then you will not be able to boldly say, "The Lord is my helper". Your faith will be weak because faith is grounded in truth. If you think that something other than God is your helper, then you are trusting in a lie. Your faith is based on something that is false, therefore, it will not stand the times of testing. It has to be rooted and grounded in truth. Jesus is the Way, TRUTH and Life. It has to be rooted in the Lord and the truth of His word. When it is, you will have boldness to stand during those times. This word boldness means: to be courageous, confident. When trying times come, if you are settled and established in the truth that God alone is your help, your source and your provider, and not something else, then you will have the courage to stand in adversity because your confidence is rooted in God who cannot lie, who cannot fail, who will not leave you nor forsake you, and can make a way even where there seems to be none.
Have a great day. The only way to stand during trying times is by being confident that the Lord alone is your source of provision. 

For further reading:
Genesis 26:1,12
John 14:6
1 Kings 17:1-9
Exodus 16:4,15
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