Monday, October 14, 2013

"Consider The Source"

"For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust." Psalm 103:14
My husband's grandmother had a word of advice that she would always give in dealing with difficult, obnoxious, gossiping, disagreeable and rude people. It was,"Consider the source". In other words, she was saying-- you know how that person is, don't let it bother you. 
During those times when we fail and fall, I tend to believe that the Lord does that very thing--- "considers the source". He knows who we are--- people made from dust. He knows we are weak, frail, make mistakes, mess up, helpless on our own and have problems doing what is right because of what we are made of. Because He remembers our frame-- our makeup, our source-- He shows us love, pity, mercy, grace, compassion and kindness. He understands who we are better than we understand ourselves. He doesn't get mad at us, write us off, cast us aside, scold us or throw His hands up and give up on us. 
When a baby is learning to walk, they fall a lot. We don't scold them, spank them or get mad at them for falling, they're a baby and are learning how to walk and do something they have never done before. It is the same way when potty-training them. We are patient and understanding with them. They will mess up many times before they actually learn how to go to the potty. Why are we patient with them; why are we understanding; why do we not give up on them? Because we know their "frame" (we consider the source-- they are little children).
When the Lord looks at us with all our faults and mistakes, He remembers who we are and His love for us compels Him to be patient, longsuffering, forbearing and gracious to us. He knows who we are so He doesn't get mad at us when we mess up. He is not mad at you when you mess up, but He understands and doesn't give up on you.
Have a great day. The Lord remembers that we are made from dust; so He doesn't give up on us when we make mistakes.
For further reading:
Exodus 34:6
Numbers 14:18
2 Peter 3:9
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