Friday, September 13, 2013


"Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering..." Romans 12:7
When we think about ministry, we often think that it has to be preaching and teaching. We think it means standing behind a pulpit or delivering a sermon or being in a foreign land as a missionary. Ministry comes in different forms. Sometimes it is simply giving a cup of cold water to someone who is thirsty. It might be sleeping with your five year old grandchild because they are missing their parents. It may be cooking a meal to take to someone who is sick. Perhaps it is paying for someone's groceries. It could be a quiet smile to someone who looks sad. Maybe it is nothing more than a phone call or text message letting someone know you have missed them and are thinking about them. It may be a dollar bill tucked in a hand shake. 
There are endless ways in which to minister. Yes, ministry does involve preaching, teaching and pulpits. But it also involves acts and deeds of goodness and kindness to others. The Bible said that Jesus went about doing good. That's the bottom line of what ministry is. It is going about doing good to all people. It is doing what Jesus would do. That may include preaching, teaching, healing the sick, casting out devils, as well as sitting the little children in your lap, eating with sinners in order to share the gospel, or washing feet that are dirty. It is doing whatever it takes to lift up Jesus and show someone His love. 
Have a great day. Ministry is simply doing whatever it takes to show someone that Jesus loves them.
For further reading:
Acts 10:38
Mark 10:14
Matthew 9:11; 10:42
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