Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Day Of Trouble"

"And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me." Psalm 50:15
What is the "day of trouble"? It is a day/time of adversity, tribulation, distress, affliction. It is played out in different ways for different people. For some the day of trouble may mean financial troubles. For others it might be marital problems. It can also be a time of distress due to watching your children rebel. It can be a time of physical affliction or distressing situations that threaten to destroy your sanity.
Whatever the "day of trouble" that you may be facing is makes no difference to the Lord. I didn't say He doesn't care, that He is indifferent to your troubles. I said that to Him it doesn't matter what area that your trouble is in, He doesn't exclude any need. Whatever area the need is in, He wants you to call upon Him. He wants you to bring it to Him. He wants you to acknowledge Him in it and let Him work on your behalf.
What are you going through this morning? What is the area of your trouble? What is causing you distress? Are you afflicted? Are you in turmoil? Are you becoming fearful by the things you see happening around you? Well, don't just sit there wallowing in it. Don't just sit there "twiddling your thumbs". Don't decide that it is hopeless. Call upon the Lord. Go to Him in prayer. Pour out your need to Him. Take hold of His word and His promises. Allow Him to pull you up and sit you above the trouble. Doing this doesn't always mean that the circumstances will change, but He will deliver you from the fear and defeat of the "day of trouble" and it will be under your feet instead of you under its.
Have a great day. Whatever trouble you are facing, call on the Lord and He will deliver you.
For further reading:
Psalm 20:1; 31:7; 59:16; 86:7
Nahum 1:7
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