Monday, July 22, 2013

"The Cause And The Result"

"His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he see his desire upon his enemies." Psalm 112:8
The Bible is full of promises but each of those promises have a condition. It is full of results and each result has a cause. For example-- you reap what you sow; you believe in Jesus and you receive eternal life. The scripture above is no different. When we have an established heart (cause), we do not have to be in fear (effect/result). While having an established heart will remove fear there is a condition again to that-- having your heart established in the right place.
The word for "established" means to lean upon; rest on; to uphold; sustain. They key then is in "what" you are resting in and leaning upon. A building that is resting upon a cotton foundation instead of cement will not stand-so the structure will fall. If I stop during an activity and lean upon a curtain I will fall over. What I am trying to lean on and have hold me up will not because of what it is made of. It is not strong enough, substantial enough, firm enough and it was not designed to hold my weight up. 
Often we look to something that cannot hold us up. Earthly things don't have the ability to uphold us. Many are trying to find peace (which is the opposite of fear) in numerous sources that cannot establish (hold them up). They try to find it in education, position, relationships, fortune, etc. These will never establish your heart because they are not designed to do so. They are temporal, they are faulty, they are flawed and they are subject to change.
There is only one place in which our hearts can be established if we want freedom from fear and live in inner peace. That place is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is strong enough to uphold us. He is the place of rest. We can lean upon Him and trust that He will not waver or fall. He is well able to uphold us and keep us securely established. 
When our hearts are established in Him, we do not have to fear. We do not have to fear man. We do not have to fear the enemy of our soul. We do not have to fear an evil report. We do not have to fear the threats of others. We do not have to fear problems and trying circumstances. We do not have to fear sickness or disease or even death itself. 
The result of a fear-free life is found in having our hearts established. But it is important that you have it established in the right place-- in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Have a great day. When our hearts are established in Jesus, the end result will be peace.
For further reading:
John 14:27
Ephesians 3:17
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