Monday, July 1, 2013

"Concentrate On Following Him"

"Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." Matthew 16:24
An old chorus has been going through my thoughts the past day or two. "So forget about yourself, concentrate on Him and worship Him. Worship Him, Jesus Christ the Lord." The key to our problems, the key to abundant life, the key to living victoriously, the key to being in the will of God is found in forgetting about yourself and concentrating on the Lord. Jesus put it this way--- "follow me". When you are following someone, it means you have to concentrate on the one you are following. You can't be thinking about yourself. You can't be following your own directions. You can't be distracted by anything else. You have to pay attention to them. You have to keep your eyes on them. 
Many years ago, my dad had to have surgery. I drove my mama and daddy to the appointment, my sister followed in her vehicle, and my brother followed in his. I lead the way because I knew where the hospital was. When we got to the exit, I took the wrong one-- one exit too early. So I got off the exit and made a U-turn, then made the loop and got back on the Interstate heading to the right one. My sister followed me and made the same U-turn and the loop, and so did my brother. They followed me exactly- even my mistake. Why? Because they were following me and had their eyes on me and were concentrating on what I was doing making sure they did the same thing.
Today, who are you following? Are you following the Lord? Or are you following self? Jesus said you can't serve two masters. Neither can you follow two masters at once. Who's your master-- self or Jesus? You can either follow Him or you can follow self, but you can't follow both because both aren't going in the same direction. Self/flesh will take you one way-- it will take you down a wide path that leads to destruction-- and the Lord will take you another-- down a narrow path that leads to eternal life.
Have a great day. When you are following someone, you have to concentrate on what they are doing not on yourself. 
For further reading:
Matthew 6:24; 7:13-14
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