Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Hope Is For The Future"

"Yea, thou shalt see thy children's children, and peace upon Israel." Psalm 128:6

This whole chapter is about the blessings that are upon those who fear the Lord. When you read the Bible and the stories of the Israelites, you soon discover that besides their God there are two things on earth that are most important to them-- their children and their nation.

It was a big thing for them to have a lineage and heritage. In the scriptures if a man passed away his brother was to marry his widow and produce children in his name. Remember the story of Rachel and Leah, it was important for them to "out do" the other in giving children to Jacob. Hannah wept bitterly in the temple for a child. Elizabeth rejoiced to bear a child in her old age.

They also loved their home land and longed for it when they were in captivity. So as I read the verse above I see two things. The first thing I see is that the Lord tells us what the blessing is-- you will have a long life and see your grandchildren and you will see peace in your land. The second thing I see is hope. The two things they longed for are not always evident in the present, they are future happenings. But they had hope that they would see them.

Hope is not needed when the thing is seen. Hope is always for a future event. We know what we hope will happen in the future, but we can't see the future we can only see now. Even though we can't see the future, God can. And because He can see ahead He allows us to have a "glimpse" at it and gives us a promise of what is to come. So if you are waiting to "see" something that is still in the future, be encouraged. God is a God of hope and He is watching over your life-- from the past, at the present, and into the future.

Have a great day. Hope is always directed at what is still in the future. God is a God of hope and is watching over your future.

For further reading:
Hebrews 11:1
Romans 8:24,25

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