Friday, August 31, 2012

"Feeling Empty?"

".... but be filled with the Spirit." Ephesians 5:18b

Do you ever have that empty feeling spiritually? Where it feels like you have nothing in you spiritually- no word, no praise, no nothing? You feel dry and... well, just empty. When something is empty, it is because there is nothing in it. When the water pitcher is empty, it is because there is no water in it. When the gas tank is empty, it is because there is no gas in it. The container is void of what should be in there. When we are spiritually empty, that is not the case. It is not because there is nothing spiritual in us. It is because it is filled with something else more.

We either walk in the spirit or in the flesh. We either mind the things of the spirit or the things of the flesh. We either feed ourselves with spiritual things or things of the flesh. It is all about flesh and spirit. When we aren't full of one, it is because we are full of the other.

We don't get spiritually empty. We have just been feeding the flesh more than we have been feeding the spirit so the flesh is the "predominate" one at the moment. It is crowding out the spirit making us feel empty and dry. Because this works both ways, when we are feeding our spirit more than our flesh, we feel spiritually full.

So when you get that empty feeling, check yourself. Have you been spending more time feeding your flesh-- watching too much television, playing too many games, overeating, being constantly entertained? Are you neglecting the feeding and care of the spirit-- prayer, worship, Bible study, fasting? I am sure you will find, for the most part, that is the cause of your emptiness.

Have a great day. Which ever you feed- your flesh or your spirit- you will find that it leaves the other with an empty feeling.

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