Thursday, August 9, 2012


"....nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." Matthew 26:39
I have several products in my home- hair care products, aspirin bottles, etc.- that all have a simple little safety thing on them to keep them from accidently coming open. You have seen it, it is an arrow that is on the lid and another one on the bottle. You have to align those arrows up exactly with each other or it will not open.

There are times we wonder why things aren't happening in our lives, why aren't we getting the answers to our prayers, why is it taking so long. The answer may be in the "alignment". A lot of times what is happening is we are not aligning ourselves with God's will and plan. We think we are but just like these products I described earlier, you can be off just a fraction in lining them up and they still won't open.

We have to align ourselves up with God's will- often we are trying to get Him to align with our will. We have to align ourselves up with His timing- usually we want it when we want it and get too impatient to just wait. Jesus was so perfectly aligned with His Father's will, many times He had to tell his disciples that "it is not My time yet". We have to align ourselves with God's way of doing it- we have a habit of thinking that we are so smart and know how God wants to do it. In order for Jesus to redeem us God's plan was the cross, our plan would have been something different, something less gruesome, something less painful, something more pleasant.

The alignment arrows on the products we talked about earlier are safety features, aligning ourselves to God's will is a safety feature for us too. Our will will lead us into unsafe places. It will lead us into confusion, fear, discouragement and so on.

If you are in that place of "wonder" this morning, have you asked Him about your "alignment"? Are you truly aligned with His will, timing and plan? It will never "open" until you get aligned with Him and stop trying to get Him to align with you.

Have a great day. Things only work out when we are aligned with God's will, timing, plan and purpose.

For further reading:
Proverbs 3:5,6
Luke 22:42

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