Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"No Comparison"

"Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity." Psalms 37:1

Too often we look at other people and compare what they have to what we have. We even compare ourselves with those who aren't walking with the Lord and wonder why they have so much more than we do and we are the ones who are "living right". When it appears that the wicked are getting ahead, doing better and are more prosperous than we are, if we aren't careful we will give place to anger and jealousy.

The word for "fret" in the verse above doesn't mean to be worried about something, it actually means "not to be angry". So the verse is a command and a warning- do not let anger and envy arise in your heart when you look at the wicked prospering. You must guard against this because the enemy will use it to destroy you. When we are tempted to be angry that they are doing better than we are, we must remind ourselves that their prosperity is only temporary- it will not last forever. What we have will. The things that are eternal are what we are looking forward to receive. We must also remember that our reward is in heaven- not in the earth. For the wicked this is the only reward that they have- there is nothing good that awaits them. We need to also remember to be content with and thankful for what we do have. We have all our needs met because the Lord is faithful.

So when you are tempted to be angry with or jealous of those who are not "living right", stop and remember what you do have: eternal life, peace, a relationship with the Heavenly Father, your name written in the Book of Life, treasures in heaven. How can you compare the two? You can't, there is no comparison.

Have a great day. Don't get angry with or jealous over the wicked when it looks like they are more blessed than you.

For further reading:
Hebrew 13:5
Matthew 6:20
Philippians 4:19
Psalms 37:9
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