Monday, January 11, 2010

"Weak Knees"

"My knees are weak through fasting; and my flesh faileth of fatness." Psalm 109:24

The Psalmist said that his knees were weak because of his fasting (abstaining from food). I want to talk about another fasting that brings weakness, not to our bodies, but to our spirits.

The Bible calls its words bread, milk and honey. When we aren't reading it, studying it and meditating upon it, we are doing what I call "spiritual fasting". God's word feeds us spiritually. When we neglect it and go without it, we aren't "eating". The result? "Weak knees".

What does that mean? People who have weak knees have a hard time moving around. People who have weak knees also have a hard time standing. People with weak knees are prone to falls. Likewise, having weak knees, spiritually speaking, makes it hard for us to move around- it makes it hard for us to "walk in the Spirit". It makes it hard for us to "stand" when the enemy comes against us and easy to fall.

"Weak knees" is also an idiom that expresses a strong emotion about something or someone- this emotion is often fear. If you are fasting God's word, you will have "weak knees", which means you will be operating in fear instead of faith, you'll be led by your emotions instead of by the Spirit, you'll be intimidated instead of having boldness, you will always feel defeated because you won't have a "spiritual leg" to stand on because your knees will "buckle" under you, and the result will be a fall.

There is a way to have "strong knees" instead of weak ones so that you can stand, move freely in the spirit, keep from falling and be full of faith. The remedy: EAT! You are going to have to "eat" God's word everyday.

Have a great day. Spiritual fasting causes spiritual weakness.

For further reading:
1 Peter 2:2
John 5:39
Psalm 119:11
John 6:63

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