Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Enoch- Part 3"

"And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints." Jude 1:14

Continuing our discussion about Enoch this morning, another thing that his life teaches us is that those who walk closely with the Lord have revelation and insight. Like we said yesterday, Enoch lived during the time of the Old Testament. According to the verse above, he was the fourth great grandson of Adam. He lived during the beginning of history, yet he is prophesying about events that will happen at the end of history.

How was he able to do that? How did he know these things? How did he know that the Lord was going to return to earth and bring judgment? How was he able to know about a return when he lived in a time that had not yet known about His first coming-- the cross?

Enoch knew these things because it is God's desire to reveal Himself and His plans to us. He desires to show us things that we don't know. He desires to show us things that are hidden from our understanding. When Moses asked to see God's face, God didn't rebuke him and deny his request. He didn't show him His face because no one can look upon it and live. But God did grant his request by placing Moses in the clef of a rock and declaring who He was as He passed by. Enoch walked closely to the Lord and the Lord revealed His plan for mankind to him. God gave him a glimpse into the future and gave him hope.

The lesson for us- God desires to reveal Himself and His plans to us as well, and He will if we will walk closely enough to Him to listen. Yes, because God is a sovereign God there are things that He reserves for His own understanding- that means, He doesn't always tells us everything. But the reason we don't know "more" about God, His plans and the things He does want to show us is because we won't walk close enough to Him for Him to tell us.

This morning, how closely are you walking to God? Close enough that He is able to reveal His plan to you? Close enough for Him to show you deeper insights, greater revelations and a clearer understanding of spiritual things? Close enough to know Him a little better?

Have a great day. The closer we walk to the Lord, the more He can show us about Himself and His plans.

For further reading:
Psalm 84:11; 103:7
Amos 3:7
Jeremiah 33:3
Exodus 33:18-34:8

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