Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Redefining The Law"

"But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." Matthew 15:9

I have pretty much stopped watching television and tried to spend that time in reading the Bible and praying so as to prepare myself spiritually for what may lie ahead, to have a greater anointing to do the work the Lord has destined for me to do and to make sure that when the call goes forth,"The Bridegroom cometh", I will not be caught like the five foolish virgins who did not have oil in their lamps. Turning off the television also means I've turned off the news channels. But with all the emails I receive about current events, I am still able to keep up with what is happening in our world.

One of the issues at hand is about the appointment of a new Chief Justice to the Supreme Court. It seems as though there is some controversy surrounding this nomination. I have noticed for quiet some time that our judicial system has gotten away from it's primary function- to uphold the law. Many judges nowadays are sitting on benches rewriting the laws, interpreting them according to their personal beliefs, making decisions based on their own agendas or personal preferences. Their job is to enforce the laws that are already there- not redefine them, not reinterpret them, not change them to suit self, not rule outside of them.

Now to the point of this morning's message. Sadly, I have noticed that too many Christians are doing the same thing when it comes to the laws of God. God gave us His laws to abide by, not change into something that suits us better. When He said, "Thou shall not", He didn't say, "Thou shall not, only if it is convenient". He didn't say,"If you have to break it, I understand and it will be all right.". God's laws are not to be "added to or taken away from". When you make it say what you want it to say, it ceases to be His word, it ceases to be the Truth and you render it powerless in your life. This was the very thing that got mankind into trouble in the beginning. The serpent presented a question concerning the word of God to Eve and Eve misinterpreted it according to the lust of her flesh.

God's word is as He is-- unchanging. You may try to get around it, you may try to reinterpret it, you may try to conform it to your desires, but you will still be judged by it one day and it will not be rewritten. You will stand before it's Author who knows exactly what it says, exactly what it means and who will not change it even for your sake. On that day the Author will also be the Judge, and He will have the final say so in enforcing it- and He will not deviate from it but will enforce it to the full extent of the law.

Have a great day. Our job is not to reinterpret God's laws but to carry them out in obedience.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lorraine, for telling it like it should be!!!!!!If we could just hear this from our pastors on Sundays what a difference it would make. We must "change from our wicked ways" and be an example of His teachings.