Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Reset My Heart"

"Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me."  Psalm 51:10

Sunday morning while my pastor was praying, he made a request of the Lord to "reset our hearts".  That stood out to me as a prayer I should pray regularly.

I have many items around my house that when they aren't working properly I can press the "reset" button and they will once again work correctly.  Among those items are my electrical plugs.  They have to be reset sometimes in order for the power to flow through them.  My curling iron, or hair dryer, has to be reset when they aren't putting out the heat they should be.  In order for the power to flow and the heat to be present I have to "reset" them when they need it.

In order for the power of God to flow through us, in order for the warmth of God's love to flow through us, we might have to have our hearts "reset" sometimes.  Is your love for God and others growing cold?  Then your heart may need "resetting".  Is your hunger and thirst for righteousness diminishing?  Is your desire for spiritual things waning?  Do you feel indifferent about the things of God?  Have you lost your joy?  Has God's peace left you?  Then your heart may need to be "reset".  

With my appliances and so forth I just press a reset button.  In order to get my "spirit reset" I call out to the Lord.  I call out in repentance for letting the cares of this life, my own desires and will, what others think, and so on cause me to grow cold, indifferent and lukewarm.  Then I ask Him to reset/refill my heart and make it new again.   

Have a great day.  Does your heart need to be "reset"? 

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