Monday, June 5, 2017

"Reading The Bible"

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."  Psalm 119:105

If the largest book in the Bible-- which is Psalms-- and the longest chapter in the Bible-- which is Psalms 119-- the main theme is God's Word, then it speaks to me of the importance of the Word. 

We learn from the scriptures that the Word of God is our lamp, a light illuminating our path, it gives direction through life, comfort in sorrow, strength in weakness, it is life, it is health, it is marrow and fatness to our bones, it gives wisdom, it gives hope, it brings freedom and deliverance, it gives peace, it forewarns, it gives grace and mercy, it gives instruction, it is the source of faith, and this is just a few things that the Word is and does

All this being the case of the importance it is to our lives, why is it that many "Christians" never read it.  They don't open the pages of the Bible and read it.  They don't apply it to memory.  They don't meditate on it.  They can't quote it.  They aren't hiding it in their hearts.  They don't know what it says. 

A Christian who does not read the word is like someone trying to drive a car without a motor.  It is like a baseball player trying to play ball without a bat. It is like a chef trying to cook without a stove.  It is like trying to unlock a door without keys.  It is like trying to sing without a voice.  All of these is impossible.  It is impossible for us to make it through life without the Word of God.  It is impossible for us to know the Lord in a deep way without His Word.  
Without the Word we have nothing to live by.  Nothing to bring us hope.  Nothing to encourage our faith.  Nothing to sustain our spiritual life.  Nothing to stand on when troubles come.   Does this describe you?  Are you reading the Word?  Daily?  Is it part of your everyday life? 

Have a great day.  A Christian who does not read the Word is unheard of.   

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