Friday, February 24, 2017

"There Is A Word"

"Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life."  John 6:68

We all need a "word" from time to time.  We all need a word of direction when faced with a situation.  We all need a word of comfort when faced with grief.  We all need a word of compassion when feeling rejected and neglected.  We all need a word of comfort when feelings of despair surround us.  We need words of strength and courage when we are at a weak moment and feeling afraid.  We all need a word of hope when feeling that all is hopeless.  Some times we need a word of appreciation or affirmation.  We can all use a word of understanding-- because we all fail and fall, and none of us are perfect.  There are times we need to hear a word of forgiveness when we know we have done wrong. 

Life throws much at us and sometimes just a word is all we need to make it better, make it all come together, cause it to make sense, or give us peace.  It is amazing what just a simple word can do-- it can make all the difference.  Just one word fitly spoken (the right way at the right time) is described in the Bible like "apples of gold in pitchers of silver".  One word spoken harshly or inappropriately can bring devastation to a heart. 

The word that we need isn't always available to us by other people.  No human being has the perfect word to speak to us at the perfect time.  We can try, but we still fall short.  But Jesus has the perfect word that you need.  He has the right word, for the right situation, at the right time.  He is The Word.  Go to Him and let Him speak the word you need to hear.  He knows what word to say before you even need to hear it.  And when you do need to hear it, He will speak it to you if you will let Him.

Have a great day.  When you need a word because of your situation, Jesus has that word.  Let Him speak it to you.     

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