Monday, May 30, 2016

"Honor The Sacrifices"

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord".  Romans 6:23

Today is Memorial Day in our nation.  It is a time when we honor all those who have given their lives in battle to help preserve the freedom we have as a nation.  Sadly, the majority of people in this nation think it is another day to party and get off work.  They never give any thought to the fact that millions of individuals sacrificed their lives so that they could enjoy the freedoms and liberties that they have. 

There was another sacrifice that took place in the history of the world that multitudes have given no thought or attention to.  It was the sacrifice made by Jesus, God's Only Son, on a cross to save us from our sins, give us freedom spiritually and eternal life.  These folks are living self-centered lives, doing what pleases them, seeking their own desires, following their own dreams and ambitions, living to party and be entertained. 

The differences between those who died in battle for our freedoms and Jesus is this:  The soldiers died for our physical freedom, Jesus died for our spiritual freedom.  The other difference:  If I don't honor the fallen soldier it won't be a big deal.  I won't get arrested.  I won't suffer any consequences for it.  But if I don't honor the death of Jesus, if I forget about it, if I ignore it, then I will face eternal consequences.  I will go to hell when this life is over because I neglected to accept and honor the one thing that could save me and give me freedom and liberty from sin-- the sacrifice of the life of Jesus at the cross. 

You may not honor the soldiers who died on the battlefield, and that is sad because of what they did for you, but it will be all right if you don't and life will go on.  But if you don't honor and accept the sacrifice made for you by Jesus it won't be all right.  You will spend eternity in torment.

Have a great day.  You may or may not honor today the sacrifices that were made by the soldiers who gave their lives for your freedom, but you can't afford not to honor the sacrifice that was made by Jesus to ensure your eternal freedom. 

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