Monday, April 4, 2016

"The God Perspective - Taught By Jesus"

"But I say unto you..."  Matthew 5:22a
The word perspective is defined in the dictionary as: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.  So how can we be sure we are seeing things from God's perspective?  How can we be sure we are walking according to the Spirit and not the flesh?  How can we know if the way we handle a certain situation or view it is from our own perspective, a worldly view or God's perspective?
We have already said that God's perspective is:  all things work together for our good.  But how do we know that the situation is working together for our good?  When Joseph was betrayed and thrown into the pit by his brothers, he didn't say, "Praise the Lord, this is for my good.  This will take me to the palace where I will rule over all Egypt".  He didn't know that.  He couldn't see into the future.  Remembering that all things work together is the anchor for our faith-- it is where we place our trust in God's faithfulness.  It is the assurance we have concerning the outcome and end result of our situation-- it will work for my good.   
But how do we walk the situation out from God's perspective as we move from point A to point Z?  We find that answer in the teachings and example of Jesus.  Fifteen times He used the phrase-- "But I say unto you".  The world says one thing.  Your flesh says one thing.  But God says another thing.  The whole time Jesus was on earth He taught us Kingdom perspective.  He related to us what the Kingdom of God was like and how we are to operate as kingdom people while on earth.  He told us what God's perspective was when He said to love our enemies, go the second mile, vengeance is Mine, when you have treated others kindly you have done it unto Me, blessed are the pure in heart, etc.
So, when you are in a situation remember that somehow, some way God will work this out for your good.  And when you don't know if you are walking according to His perspective, go back and see what Jesus said about it.
Have a great day.  Jesus told us and showed us what God's perspective is in every situation.     
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