Thursday, April 14, 2016

"How Are You Waiting?"

"In your patience possess ye your souls".  Luke 21:19

I feel impressed to talk about "waiting" again this morning.  The issue isn't whether or not we will have times of waiting-- life is made up of waiting.  Waiting in line at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the bank, etc.  We wait for vacation time to come, school to get out, a job promotion, an important phone call and appointments.  We wait on the arrival of a new baby, our wedding day, a birthday, Christmas and other important events.  So the issue isn't whether or not you are ever going to have to wait.  The issue is-- how are you going to wait?

There are many ways to wait.  Abraham and Sarah waited with impatience for the promised son and tried to "help" the waiting process.  The Israelites waited in the wilderness with murmuring and complaining.  Joseph, at one point, got tired of waiting-- he asked the butler to remember him to Pharaoh.  While waiting to go to Rome Paul waited in prison but used it to continue his work of the kingdom and write letters to the churches. 

We can patiently wait or impatiently wait.  We can wait with frustration or peace.  We can wait with forbearance or agitation.  We can wait with peace or turmoil.  We can wait with joy or with murmuring and complaining.  We can wait with anxiety or trust.  We can wait in faith or unbelief.  We can't get past having to wait, like I said, "life is made up of waiting".  But how you wait is up to you.  Waiting the right way will make the situation a lot easier and better.  Waiting the wrong way will only make it harder to wait.

Have a great day.  The question is not will you have to wait, but rather how are you waiting. 

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