Monday, September 8, 2014

"In School"

"Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me thy statutes."  Psalm 119:12

"Teach me Your laws, commands, boundaries, decrees, O Lord."  We tend to think that the Christian life is all about receiving-- receiving blessings, promises, good things.  That is only part of it.  The Christian life is more than about just being blessed and receiving from God.  It is also about learning.

The Christian life is a "school".  It is a training ground, as well.   We are being trained and prepared for living.  We are being trained to live as Jesus lived.  We are being trained to do the work that God has commissioned us to do. 

All that the Bible personalities went through was training them, it was refining them, it was making and remaking them, into the person the Lord had ordained them to be and do the work He had predestined them to do.  They went through much training, much molding, much shaping, much crucifixion to self, much transformation.  Look at the life of Joseph.  The pit, Potiphar's house, the prison was all training ground for the palace.... for destiny.

You may be going through some awkward, hard, confusing place at the moment.  You may feel like you are in a pit.  "Until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him." (Psalm 105:19)  But you may be exactly where Joseph was.  You may be in a time of trying (refining, testing, purging) until the fulfillment of the word that the Lord has spoken to you comes into fruition.   

Stay in "school".  Don't "drop out".  Let the Lord continue to train you for the purpose He has for you here and now, and in eternity.

Have a great day.  Part of the Christian life is a life of schooling and training for the purpose God has for your life. 

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