Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Singing Words"

"And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might." Deuteronomy 6:5
I woke up this morning with a chorus repeating over and over in my thoughts. The words that kept going over and over are, "I'm a lover of Your presence." There are a multitude of Christian songs out there. They are classified under numerous categories-- Southern gospel, contemporary, hymns, choruses, rap, etc. We all have our favorites. And we all have songs that we love more than others. The point I want to make this morning is not pertaining to which "style" of Christian music you enjoy more, but more to the content. And more specifically, what are you doing with the content? What are you doing with what you are singing?
As this line of the song was playing in my thoughts, I questioned, "Is that true? Am I a lover of God's presence? Do I love His presence more than anything else?" How many times do we sit in a church worship service and sing the songs without giving any thought to the words? Do we sing them out of habit? Are we just reciting some words that we have memorized? Are do they really mean something to us? Do we really mean what we are singing? Are we practicing what we sing? Is our heart in it, or is it "lip worship"? 
Do I truly believe "There is Power in the Blood"? Am I like "A deer panting for the water"- longing for Him more than anything else? Am I living like there is "Nothing but the blood that can wash away my sins" or am I trying to clean up myself? Am I convinced that "He is Mighty To Save"? Do I daily, "Surrender All- All to Jesus", or do I reserve the right to hold on to certain things in my life?
The next time you sing a song, the next time you are in a worship service, the next time a chorus or hymn comes to mind and you find yourself singing it, take note as to whether you are singing it because you have memorized the words or because the words have meaning and you are living by them.
Have a great day. I wonder if the songs we sing are just words that we have memorized, or are we living what we are singing?
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