Monday, July 21, 2014

An Update

I wanted to let you know why there has not been a Coffee Break devotional for the past several days. Last Monday afternoon I had just arrived at prayer group when my phone rang and it was my husband. He didn't sound good at all. When I asked him about it, he said he thought he was having a stroke. I immediately went home and was able to get him into our vehicle and take him to the ER. There they determined, thankfully, that he had not had a stroke but a TIA. Upon doing further tests they discovered an aneurysm. He was taken to a larger hospital that was more equipped to treat him. 
They ran more tests and discovered another aneurysm. Thursday they did surgery to take care of it. He had to spend the night in ICU and was then released the next day. We are at home. He is doing well and trying to get his strength back. They couldn't find the source of the TIA, but it is like many of us have said-- God was the reason He had it. Not that God caused it, or created it, but He used it to get Calvin to the hospital because He knew there was a bigger problem in the making. Had that TIA not happened, we never would have found the aneurysm until it was possibly too late. 
All Monday morning the Lord keep speaking something to me over and over again. I finally posted it on my Face Book. This is what I posted- "When a fact, no matter how true it is, is compared with truth (the Word of God) and it doesn't match or line up. Then the fact becomes false. (Whose report will you believe?)". Hardly two hours after I posted that, I found myself in this situation with my husband. The Lord saw ahead what was going to happen, and gave me a word in season even before the season happened. I held on to that word throughout the whole ordeal. I kept believing the Lord's report and He did not let me down-- never has, never will.
I wish I had enough time to tell you about all the things the Lord did through this on our behalf. He certainly was in the midst of our trial. We saw His hand, His favor, His goodness, His peace, His love, His faithfulness and His power. 
If you are facing something today. The Lord is with you too. He is working even ahead of time on your behalf. He is going before you. He is with you. What He spoke to me ahead of time was the report that I was to believe. What has He spoken to you personally? That is the report that you are to hold on to and believe. 
Have a great day. Praise God that He sees everything even before it happens and will be with you through it. 
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