Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Life Is Not A Video Game"

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." Hebrews 9:27
Living in an age of technology we see so much that is far from reality. The more attention we give to these things the more desensitized to what is real and what is false we become. For example, we watch shows on television where the main character is killed but in a couple of days we watch another program with the same actor on it alive and well. Video games are the same way. Each game contains a certain amount of "lives". If you get destroyed or killed on this level, you can start over again as long as you have lives left. 
Do we subconsciously think that is reality? Are our children and teens who play these games, and watch television or movies, developing an unrealistic mindset? Are we living our lives as if they will go on forever? Do we live in such a way where we think we are "invincible" like the heroes on television or in the video game? Well, live is not a video game or a movie. It is not something you play on a machine. It is not something that you can restart and try again when you want to. It is real, it is serious and you only get one life. 
We only get one life to live. After it is over, we can't restart it and "play" it over again. Once we leave this life we don't come back in another form to repeat it and try to do better-- as some would have you believe. We live this one life and then we die-- we don't hit restart and do it again. That is reality. So what are you doing with the one life you have? Maybe the question should be instead, what are you doing to prepare for when this life ends? It will end, this life here on earth doesn't go on forever. It does, however, go on forever after we die. We will spend an eternity somewhere. That somewhere will either be heaven or hell. You may not believe that but it doesn't change the reality of it. Just because you may not believe it doesn't change the fact that it is true. 
Where will you go? Do you ever give thought to that? Have you made arrangements for when that time comes or are you still waiting? If you wait and it comes- your life ends- it will be too late. You won't be able to hit a "restart" button and try again. All the chances to make it to the next "level" are over. If you do nothing about it now while you have the chance, you will automatically lose-- you will wind up in hell. But if you do something with the opportunity while you have it, which is receive Jesus Christ as Savior and follow Him as Lord, you will go to heaven when this life ends. 
When death comes to you, your "game" of life will be over, it will not restart again. What you have done with it will decide whether you win-- by going to heaven-- or whether you lose-- by spending an eternity in hell-- that is reality.
Have a great day. Life is not a video game, you can't keep restarting it over and over again.
For further reading:
Romans 6:23
Acts 16:31
2 Peter 3:9
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