Friday, January 10, 2014

"Pick Up That Snake"

"And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it." Exodus 4:3
When the Lord gave Moses the call to deliver the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage, He told him to throw his rod down on the ground. Moses did and that rod became a snake. The scripture says that Moses fled from before it--- in other words, he ran away from it. 
Even though the Lord saw that Moses ran from it out of fear, He then told him to pick it up. Why would He require Moses to pick it up if He knew he was afraid? God had a plan that was bigger than Moses' fear. He had planned to be Moses' strength and wisdom in accomplishing the purpose He called him to. God was going to be with him, he didn't have to fear. 
What has God called you to do but you are running from it? Are you afraid to pick it up? Fear has taken hold of you because it looks fearful. Is it something you would rather not have to do? Are you afraid that it might destroy you-- your will? God sees your fear but that doesn't exempt you from His call. He is telling you the same thing He told Moses-- "pick it up". If you will pick it up, He will be with you as He was with Moses. He will strengthen, guide, give you wisdom and everything else that you need to accomplish His plan and purpose. When Moses picked it up, it didn't bite him. Instead it because a rod again and a mighty instrument that God used in his hand to bring deliverance and show forth miracles. Your fear is unfounded, it will not "bite" you. God called you to pick it up because He intends to do great and mighty things for His glory through His call. So don't be afraid to pick it up. 
Have a great day. Don't run from the call of God out of fear, instead, pick it up
For further reading:
Exodus 4:1-5
Romans 11:29
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