Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Just Pray"

"Is any among you afflicted? let him pray." James 5:13a
Are you suffering hardship and trouble? Then pray. What? That's your answer to what I am going through? Don't tell me to pray, I need help, I need an answer. I have a problem and you tell me to pray! Prayer is such a novel idea. Prayer is too simple.
Isn't that how we often are? We want answers and help but we won't go to the place where we can get it. We will go to this person and that person. We will seek a word from someone. We will look to the arm of the flesh. We run here and there looking for our answer, but neglect to pray about it. I didn't tell you to pray-- God's word did. 
God gave us our answer-- pray. When we pray we are going to the One, and only One, who can give us an answer. When we pray, we are going to our true source of help. When we pray, the Lord steps into our situation and guides us through it. When we pray, we get the wisdom of heaven backing us up. When we pray, we are turning to God and as we gaze upon Him that thing that was so "monumental" pales in comparison to who God is. When we pray, the burden is lifted. 
We are looking for the answer, help and solution to our trouble but if we are neglecting to pray, we will continually struggle looking for the answer. If we neglect to pray it will only get worse because confusion will come in, frustration will come in, fear will come in and the problem will escalate like a snowball and pretty soon you don't only have your original problem but a bigger problem. The Bible says that you have not because you ask not. It also says to ask that you might receive. 
Do we really want an answer? Do we really want help? Do we think that God doesn't have an answer or that He can't help with this problem? Do we think that we are smart enough, wise enough, or strong enough to do it on our own? Do we save God as a "back up plan" if nothing else we try works? God has your answer, He knows how to solve the problem, He knows what you need in times of trouble and He has told you how to get it--- pray. Will you believe Him? Will you trust Him and do what He says or keep "beating your head up against a wall" looking for your own solution?
Have a great day. Pray may seem like too simple an answer, but it is the answer!
For further reading:
John 16:24
Matthew 7:7,8
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