Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"High Life Or Low Life?"

"...Come up hither..." Revelation 4:1
For far too long God's people have been living in the "low life". I believe He is calling us to come up higher. 
What is the "low life"? It is that place where we are held captive to besetting sins. It is that place of carnal thinking. It is the place of conformity to this world. It is the place where our affections are set on things below-- materialism, fame, fortune, approval of men. It is the place where that which is temporal is the pursuit. It is the place of fleshly, human desire. This "low living" is the life style of too many of those who call themselves Christians. We forget that this is what the Lord delivered us out of, yet we continue to live in it.
It is time for us to change the level on which we live. The Bible says that we are going from "glory to glory"-- there is no staying the same and there is only one direction that our lives should be gong: Up! It is time that we rise up and move up-- up to this "higher plain" that He is calling us up to. God never calls us to move down, He always calls us to move up. 
The "higher life" is the place where His presence resides. When we come "up hither", we come into the very presence of God. When God called John to "come up hither", John saw a greater revelation of Jesus Christ. Remember, John was one of Jesus' disciples. He saw the miracles Jesus did, heard His teachings, was on the Mount of Transfiguration, placed his head on Jesus chest and heard His heartbeat, he was called the disciple whom Jesus loved. But he had not seen it all-- he only saw such a small part, just a glimpse, of who Jesus was. Now that he has "come up hither" he sees Jesus as He truly is-- Almighty, King of kings, Lord of lords, Conquering King of glory to Whom every knee bows. 
When John went up higher, not only did he see Jesus in His glory and majesty. He saw the Kingdom, he saw God's plan, he saw things from God's perspective, and he saw what was in the mind of heart of God. As we come up higher, it is God's desire to show us great and mighty things. It is His desire to make His ways known to you. It is His desire to reveal Himself to you in a greater way than you have seen Him before. It is His desire that you abide in His presence as you walk throughout this world-- that is why He is calling you to "come up higher".
Which level will you live on? The low one? Or the high one that is filled with God Himself?
Have a great day. God is calling you to come up to a higher place--- a place of abiding in the presence of God.
For further reading:
2 Corinthians 3:18
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