Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Spider Webs"

"The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple." Psalm 119:130
I live on a dead end road and on the mornings when the weather and time permit, I love to go for a walk and commune with the Lord. While walking I often encounter spider webs strung across the road. Some are visible, others I don't even know are there until I run into them or the light from the sun hits them in a certain way, then they are exposed.
There are traps and snares that the enemy has placed in our paths, some are obvious- they are easily seen. But then there are others, like those spider webs, that we don't see or know they are there. They are hid from view waiting for us to "run, fall, or walk" into them. They aren't invisible to us until the light shines upon them. 
God's Word is that light. When the Word comes into a situation it brings light that brings exposure to what is hidden. God's Word brings knowledge and revelation as to the trap's presence in our path. It lights our path so that we can see clearly where we are walking-- including if there are any traps laid out before us.
Don't neglect God's Word, even if you aren't going through a trial or difficulty. You need it in the good times as well as the bad times, because you never know when the enemy has laid a trap for you. Also, the Word of God will prepare you ahead of time and show you what to do when those times come. Just like when the sunlight hit the spider web, it showed me it was there and how to avoid it before I got tangled in it. Had the disciples not neglected the words of Jesus when they got in the boat to sail to Gadara they never would have been fearful when the storm arose. Jesus' words- "Let us go to the other side"- where the light they needed to avoid falling into the trap of fear instead of being entangled by it. 
Have a great day. There are traps and snares laid for us by the enemy, but God's Word will bring light that will expose them so that we aren't entangled by them.
For further reading:
Mark 4:35-40
Psalm 119:105
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