Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"God Makes No Mistakes"

"... Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord..." Exodus 14:13
Yesterday I had the oil changed in my automobile. The waiting room was located beside the shop. As I waited I was able to sit where I could see the mechanic working on my vehicle. The mechanic seemed to be so "laid back", unrushed and unhurried. As I watched, several thoughts went through my mind. I wondered if he really knew what he was doing. I hoped he was good at his job. I thought about what if he put too much oil or too little oil, or didn't put the new oil filter on tight enough. I wasn't worried that he wouldn't do it right, just thought about how important it was that he not make any mistakes. 
I think we tend to look at God the same way. We question whether He is "doing it right". Does He know what He is doing? Will everything turn out all right? Has He made a mistake? Can He really handle the situation? 
Unlike people who can make mistakes-- no matter how well trained, how educated, how strong they are-- God doesn't make mistakes. He can't make mistakes. It is impossible for Him to make a mistake. He is perfect. Therefore, all He does is perfect. 
God is not like us at all where perfection is concerned. His ways are higher than our ways. So are His thoughts above our thoughts. He knows exactly what He is doing and how to do it. While the mechanic was working on my vehicle, I sat there and watched. I didn't go out to the shop to help him. I didn't go out there and advise him. I didn't go out there and tell him what to do. I watched at a distance while he did it. Perhaps we should do the same when it comes to letting God work on our behalf-- just watch Him work.
Have a great day. Unlike people, God does not and cannot make a mistake. Therefore, we can leave the situation in His hands and trust that He will do it right. 
For further reading:
2 Chronicles 20:17
Isaiah 55:9
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