Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Forgetting God"

"They forgat God their saviour, which had done great things in Egypt." Psalm 106:21
When Israel was in a time of crisis, when they were in captivity, when they were under threats by their enemies, they would turn to the Lord to save them, deliver them and help them. In His loving mercy He would come to their rescue. He would fight for them, He would turn their captivity, He would bring them deliverance. After He came through for them, they would forget Him and go back to their own self-centered ways. 
Does that sound familiar? They weren't the only ones who did that. It happens today. There are those professing to be Christians (His people) who do the same thing. When they are in a crisis situation, when things are going badly for them, when they are in a place of difficulty, when they are having problems, when they are in trouble, they pray to the Lord for help. They begin to seek Him to deliver them and make everything right. Because He does not change- He is forever the same (loving and merciful)- He hears and answers their prayers and comes to their aid. He gives them the help that they desired and all is well again. After the problem has been solved and the crisis is over, they go about their own way again, forgetting the God who got them through it.
Why is that? You would think that instead of forgetting Him after the crisis has past and He has moved on your behalf, it would make you want to draw even closer to Him. When you see what He has done for you, it should make you love Him even more. When you reflect on the fact that everything worked out because of His goodness to you, it should make you so thankful that you wanted to continue to seek Him. Where is the gratitude? Where is the appreciation? Where is the thankfulness? If it is not there, then we are no more than "users" and "takers", selfish and self-centered. We are like spoiled children who got what they wanted and that was all that matter. 
The Lord answered you and worked on your behalf because He loves you. He has a heart for you. When we have no gratitude for what He has done- which seems evident if we neglect Him when the crisis is over- then where is our heart for Him? Can we truly say we love Him? Can we truly say we are His people?
Have a great day. After God delivers you from your crisis, does it draw you closer to Him? Or do you forget about Him once He has come through for you?
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