Tuesday, March 12, 2013


"O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker." Psalm 95:6
To bow before someone or something is an act of worship, adoration, submission or reverence. The verse above it is talking about bowing to the Lord. But the Lord is not the only one we can bow our knee to. The Israelites were constantly bowing their knee to Baal and other false gods as well as to the Lord.
Who or what are you bowing your knee to? What are you worshipping? Are you bowing it to God alone or other things besides Him? Are you "floundering" in your bowing-- bowing to Him for a while, then to some other thing for a while, then back and forth between the two? 
You may say that you aren't bowing your knee to anything but God. Let's see. You can bow your knee to the god of entertainment by setting in front of the television or computer games for longer than you spend time with the Lord. What about bowing your knee to gluttony? Are you bowing your knee to pride- always having to be seen and acknowledged? Are you bowing your knee to self-will? Are you bowing your knee to the demands of others, placing them above your relationship with God?
There are many things out there that we can bow our knee to in submission and worship that are "false gods". When we do, it is taking our worship from the One who alone is worthy of it. 
Have a great day. What are you bowing your knee to? 
For further reading:
1 Kings 18:21
Exodus 20:3
Luke 4:8
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