Thursday, December 20, 2012

"My Miracle Testimony"

"I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 89:1
When the Lord does something good for you, you should testify of it-- especially when He gives you a miracle. This morning that is what I am going to do. What He did for me yesterday, I consider nothing short of a miracle.
I went to Wal-Mart yesterday. Because people are gearing up for Christmas, you know how busy the store is. You have to drive around for what seems like forever just to get a parking place-- people, people everywhere and lots of activity. I did my shopping, loaded my items into my vehicle to go home and put my shopping cart in the cart return and left. When I got home, I was unloading my vehicle and started to grab my purse but could not find it. I searched my vehicle, my husband searched my vehicle, but no purse. I know I had it when I put my cart up because it was in the top section of it. Evidently, I had left it in the cart. I called Wal-Mart to see if it had been turned in-- no it hadn't. So I go in my vehicle and headed back there-- praying the whole way. (Lord, put your angels around it. Let it be there still in the cart or let it have been turned in. If someone finds it, don't allow them to have any evil intent and steal it. Please let it be there, please let it be there.) I remembered the lane number I had parked on. When I pulled into the parking lot, because of the flow of traffic I had to go down the lane next to the one I was in earlier. The traffic was so bad I was having to wait and inch through it. As I got even with the lane where I had been, I looked across at the cart return and there was my purse! I parked in the middle of the lane (blocking another woman in who was trying to get out) and ran across the lanes and retrieved my purse-- thanking God with every breath!!! 
When I got back to my vehicle, I went to the lady whom I had blocked and the first thing I said was, "God answers prayer!", then apologized for making her wait, and told her what happened. She rejoiced with me in the goodness of God and said that He had done it, because she had seen about five or six people walk past it.
The miracle is this- the place was more crowded than usual. I live on the other side of town. From the time I left until I arrived back to get my purse was at least thirty minutes. Surely dozens of people had passed by it. The cart pushers had not come to take the carts in yet but were on the lane beside it. There have been robberies around here lately. People are getting desperate to get money and here was a purse laying in front of them. The purse was completely undisturbed- exactly how I left it, nothing was missing. No other carts had even been added to the return where it was. It was the first one and my purse was completely exposed-- I saw it from one lane away. It was as if the Lord did send an angel to cover it from view. 
So this morning, I just wanted to publicly give Him the glory for this wonderful thing He did for me. Even though it was my negligence that caused it, He was still looking out for me. I praise Him for His great goodness to me.
Have a great day. The Lord is always watching out for us! 
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