Monday, September 17, 2012

"Power In The Leftovers"

"When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost." John 6:12
After Jesus had fed the five thousand plus people with the loaves of bread and fish, He told His disciples to gather up the fragments. In other words, He told them to collect the leftovers. This morning don't take the "leftovers" of God for granted. Don't take even the smallest word from God, the seemingly smallest miracle, the smallest bit of encouragement, etc. for granted. Even the fragments when they are God's fragments are full of power and life. 
When the Syrophenician woman came to Jesus, she just wanted the crumbs that fell from His table. She didn't ask for a whole meal or even the leftovers, she asked for the crumbs because she knew there was power to heal and deliver her daughter in even the smallest blessings of the Lord. 
There is nothing small or little where God is concerned. Whatever comes from Him- whether it is the "whole" meal or just the "leftovers" it is powerful. Just one word, just one scripture, just one morsel of bread, just one drop of water, just one touch of the Master's hand, just one touch of the hem of His garment, will satisfy the greatest hunger, will deliver from the greatest oppression, will quench the raging furnace, will heal any disease, will bring peace in the greatest storm, will bring rest to the weary, comfort to the hurting and strength to the weak. 
All you have this morning may be a "crumb". It might be a "leftover". You may have been holding on to it for a while. It may be just a remnant of a promise He gave you a long time a go. You may have been carrying it around in a basket- in your heart- since the day He spoke to you about a situation, gave you a vision, revealed His will, and so on. You may have been eating on that word for a while trying to keep your faith strong. Don't look at it now and say that there is hardly anything left to it, it is only a fragment- a crumb. Remember that with the "crumbs" of Jesus nothing is wasted or lost-- they are still just as powerful as the whole meal!
Have a great day. There is power even in the crumbs of Jesus' word. 
For further reading:
Mark 7:25-30
Matthew 5:18
John 6:1-13 
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