Monday, June 11, 2012

"No Time For God"

"And them that are turned back from the LORD; and those that have not sought the LORD, nor enquired for him." Zephaniah 1:6

I watched a program the other evening about whether there is a God and did He create the universe. The findings were based on a study by a particular scientist. Of course he concluded that the universe created itself and that there is no God. After all his reasoning and studying he came to this conclusion by determining that there was a point when there was no time- time did not exist- therefore, there was no time for God.

I am not here this morning to debate the subject of his conclusion. There is no debate. There IS God, He exist and He did create all that is. He did not, and does not, need the existence of time in which to exist. He exist outside of time. He created time. He is the Ancient of Days-- the One who existed in the eternal past before there was time. He will always exist because He is the Eternal God who will be even if time as we know it does not exist. When people make such conclusions, the Bible has a scripture that identifies them. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." Hebrews 1:22. (May I add, these people need our prayers that they would come to the truth because one day they will have a rude awakening-- they will stand before this God that they claimed did not exist and when they do He will be their Judge.)

What I do want to address this morning is what he said-- "There is no time for God". While he meant that there was no existence of time so there was no place for God to exist, I want to look at his statement in a different context. In this context there was a good amount of truth in his statement. People don't make time for God. They are too busy making time for other things-- their own goals, ambitions, desires, pleasures, hobbies, career, and so on. They have time for everything else-- they make time for any and every thing else that they want to do, but not time for God. Sadly, these people who have "no time for God" are not worldly, unsaved people; I am mostly referring to professing Christians.

I want to ask you a question-- do you have time for God or no time for God? Do you make time to have communion with Him each day? Do you reserve a place on your daily calendar to read and study His Word? Do you make time to be led by His Spirit into whatever service He may call upon you to do each day? Do you go throughout your whole day never making any time for Him and find yourself falling asleep at the end of the day having neglected- even at least a little- time for Him? Do other things besides Him consume your time? How much of your time does He actually get each day or in any given week? Or are you guilty of having "no time for God"?

Have a great day. Do you make time for everything else, but leave no time for God?

For further reading:
2 Chronicles 26:5
Matthew 6:33
Daniel 7:9,13,22
Genesis 1:1
John 1:3

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