Monday, June 25, 2012

"Making Choices"

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

While we were asleep (unless you stayed up past midnight) a new day began, but it starts for us when we wake up. From the moment we wake up until the day ends, we have choices to make. There are some choices we will have no control over- they are made for us. Things will happen to us that we didn't plan. We will face situations that we would have never chosen had we had the opportunity to choose. But there are some things today (and each day) that we will have the power to exercise choice over.

We will have to choose what our attitude will be like. Will you choose to be angry and bitter? You will have to make the choice to whether walk in fear or by faith? You may have to choose to hold onto a grudge or choose to let it go. Today you will be faced with the choice to trust God or not-- even when you don't understand "why?". You will also have to choose how you are going to treat other people-- those who love you and those who don't; those who bless you and those who curse you; those who treat you good and those who despitefully use you. You will be the one who chooses whether you will seek the Lord, serve Him and be obedient to His will.

These are all choices you will be called upon to make daily. They are also choices that only you can make-- no one can make the choice for you about how you respond to others, if you walk in love; if you keep your eyes on the Lord, if you have a good attitude. And no one can make you choose otherwise unless you let them.

The question is not whether you will be faced with choices today-- you will. The question is, "What will you choose to do when you are?" All the choices that we have to make actually boil down to only two choices-- "Will you choose to follow your flesh or follow the Spirit?" Whichever one we choose to follow will make all the other choices easier. If we choose to follow the flesh, we have already made the choice to choose to be angry, have a bad attitude, be fearful, to be unforgiving, etc. But if we choose to follow the Spirit, we have made the choice to choose to be loving, kind, forgiving, forbearing and trusting.

Have a great day. Make the choice to follow the Spirit and all the other choices you have to make are already made.

For further reading:
Joshua 24:15
Galatians 5:16
Proverbs 1:29; 3:5,6,31

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