Thursday, April 12, 2012

"What Does The Bible Say?"

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105

Why is it a foreign concept to most professing Christians to live their lives according to what the Bible says? They live it according to popular opinion, worldly wisdom, the latest fad, tradition and human intellect. They try to figure out a course of action based on their abilities. They try to make decisions through education about the subject. They allow past experience to direct their steps.

Everything we need to know, every action we need to take, every direction we need to go, every decision that we face, the answer is found in the Bible. The scriptures give us direction. They give us wisdom. They give us insight, understanding and knowledge. There is nothing that you and I face that the Bible does not address.

God has been so gracious to give us this "road map" through life and it is always in our best interest to use it. When my husband and I travel, we still use a map. When we get off the main freeways and start driving the back roads, we can easily get lost and not know where we are or how to reach an intended destination. Once we were traveling and could not find our map. The first service station that we came to, we pulled in and purchased one. I know that now days the GPS is replacing the paper map. But they both do the same thing- one is just a little more updated than the other. The point is, whether you use a map or a GPS device, having it and following it makes the journey so much easier, takes away confusion about where you are, removes anxiety and the fear of getting lost and helps you reach your intended destination.

Why would anyone go into an unfamiliar area without some sort of guidance system- be it a map or a GPS? We wouldn't, or shouldn't do it. So why would any Christian go into the unfamiliar areas of life without a navigation system (God's Word) to guide them? Yet as we have already said many do. Are you one of them?

Have a great day. The Bible is the navigation system that makes the journey of life easier to travel through.

For further reading:
Psalm 119:45; 93; 130; 133; 169

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