Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Which Way?"

"I have declared my ways, and thou heardest me: teach me thy statutes." Psalm 119:26

There are two ways: my/our way or God's way. The two are not the same. Our way leads to destruction. It is the way of darkness and confusion. Our way leads us down a path of grief and sorrow. It is not the way of life. Our way may seem like the right way, but at the end we discover death. This is why we are told not to lean to our own understanding but in all our ways to acknowledge the Lord and He will direct our way. God's ways lead to health, peace, prosperity, abundant life and eternal life. It is the way of light and rest.

When we use the word "way", we are talking about two things. The first means the path or direction you are going. For example, you can either be going the wrong or right way- in the right or wrong direction. You can either be on the way that is straight and narrow and leads to life or on the broad and wide way that leads to destruction. The second meaning deals with the method you are using. You can either be doing things your way or God's way.

Jonah is a prime example of both. He took the way (path) to Joppa instead of going the direction to Nineveh like the Lord had commanded him. And he wanted to do things his way (method), which was not go to Nineveh- he thought it would be better if judgment fell on them. He is also a perfect example of the result of doing things our own way and going in our own direction.

This morning, whose way are you on? Are you walking on God's path- the path of freedom, joy, obedience, grace? Or are you walking on your own path- the path of heartache, confusion, disobedience, fear? Also, whose way are you living by- yours or God's? Are you doing things His way or your own way? Are you leaning to your own understanding or following His guidance and word? The choice of which direction (way) you are going to go and which way (plan) you are going to follow is up to you. If you want life you will choose God's way to walk on and His way of doing things. If you want misery and death then choose to keep going your own direction and doing things your own way.

Have a great day. Whose way you are going to follow? Your way or God's way?

For further reading:
Proverbs 16:25: 3:5,6; 14:12
Matthew 7:13,14
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