Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Fruitful At Every Age"

"They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing." Psalm 92:14

The word I want to share this morning is mostly for those who are older in life- although it is applicable to any of us. From time to time we all tend to feel that there is nothing we can do for the Lord- we feel unworthy and incapable. The enemy of our soul, the devil, does a good job of "magnifying" these feelings through his accusations against us. He does this to all of us and he never gives up. He doesn't quit just because we get older- he comes against us at every stage and season of live.

Actually, it seems like he hits those who are in the "Senior Season" of their lives harder. He tells them that their time is past, their best days are behind them, their life is over, they are too old, too weak and have no future left.

This is not true. "They shall still bring forth fruit in old age". That is the plan of God. If you are still breathing, God still has a plan for you to be fruitful in His Kingdom. The thought that God may not be finished with you yet often tends to bring one of two responses.

1) The "Laugh of Unbelief". When God told Sarah that she was going to conceive a child in her old age, she laughed. She thought that was funny-- doesn't God know I am too old; doesn't He know I can't produce anything; He is going to take my life after it is over and place life back into it. She laughed at the thought that God could still do something through her now that she was old.

2) The "I Can't; I Give Up" attitude. Naomi went back home to Bethlehem and told the people to no longer call her Naomi, but Mira-- bitter. She gave up and became embittered at the fact that she had nothing and it was too late for her. She was empty with nothing left to give.

Neither of these two should ever be the response of a child of God. He has a plan for your life- your whole life, down to your last breath. A plan to give you "hope and a future". That plan is "Sing, O barren". (Isaiah 54:1)

In her old age Sarah brought forth the promise of God; the father of a nation; the one who would be a type and shadow of Christ.
In her old age Naomi nursed her future generations in Obed; she became the great, great grandmother of King David through whom the Messiah would come.
In her old age Elizabeth brought forth the one who would lead the way for the Messiah.

I realize that we are talking about the Lord opening the physical wombs in these women who were past child bearing age, but we have a "spiritual womb" that never dies, it is alive as long as we are alive. If you are still here, if you have breath in your body, there is still something that the Lord has for you to "deliver" into the Kingdom. There is still something left for you to "nurture". There is still something that He wants you to "produce". "They shall still bring forth fruit in old age". To bring forth fruit means to be fruitful; to be fruitful means to be un-barren.

Have a great day. The plan of God is not age specific as long as you are breathing God has a plan to make you fruitful.

For further reading:
Jeremiah 29:11
Genesis 18:12; 21:2
Ruth 1:20; 4:16,17
Psalm 92:13-15; 71:8,9
Luke 1:36

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