Monday, October 4, 2010

"Eternal Riches"

"I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all riches." Psalm 119:14

Years ago a friend was sharing a dream that she had. In the dream she was in a room. In that room was a treasure chest full of gold and a table with a Bible on it. As she looked at both items the Lord spoke to her and told her to choose which one of the two she wanted. It was totally her choice- she could have the treasure chest full of gold or she could have the Bible.

If the Lord asked you to make that choice which would you choose? Would you choose the treasure chest full of gold or the Bible? That may have only been a dream and we may never actually have a chest full of gold within our grasp and have to choose between it or the Bible, but in reality each day we do have to choose between the things of this world and spiritual things. Each day we have to make choices to choose between those things that strengthen and build up our spirit man or our flesh.

At first glance the treasure chest may seem like the better choice of the two. But is it? Would you trade the eternal riches that are found in the words of the Bible for those that are temporary? Once the gold is spent it is gone. On the other hand, the Bible- God's word- will never run out. It will be there each time you need to make a "withdrawal" from its wisdom. Would you trade momentary pleasures for everlasting ones? Would you sacrifice real riches for those that moths and rust corrupt and thieves break in to steal? The riches of this world may see you through a temporary problem today but what about tomorrow?

Am I saying that it is wrong to have riches? No, but when it comes to choosing between the riches of this world and the spiritual riches, when it comes to choosing between that which is temporary and that which is eternal, there should be no contest. The choice should come easily. So today when you have a choice presented to you- read your Bible, have time in prayer, spend a moment in worship to the Father- will that be what you choice or will you choice something else that only brings temporary satisfaction and fulfillment? Choose wisely, your eternity depends on it.

Have a great day. What will you choose today? The temporary riches over the eternal ones, or vice versa?

For further reading:
Matthew 6:19
Proverbs 11:28; 13:7; 23:5;27:24
Mark 10:24
Luke 8:14
Romans 11:33
1 Timothy 6:17

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