Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Messy House"

"...Set thine house in order..." Isaiah 38:1

When I know that someone is coming to see me, I try to make sure that my house is "in order". I make sure that the furniture isn't dusty and the floors are clean. I won't have clothes all over the couch, dishes piled up in the sink and clutter lying around. Sometimes when I have been busy and on the go, I let things get a little messy around the house. If it is like that when unexpected company drops in, it is a little embarrassing.

We have another "house"- it's our lives. One day, perhaps soon, we will have a "visit" from someone very special- the Lord. When He returns, how will He find our lives? Will they be in order? Will we be giving Him the place in them that He rightfully deserves? Will He find our lives filled with "flesh"- living according to the dictates of our own selfish desires and lusts? Will He find gossip, backbiting, unforgiveness, anger, adultery, fornication, lies, hate and so on? Will they be cluttered by the cares of this life? Will He find faith or fear, doubt or trust, unbelief or assurance? Will he find obedience to His word or rebellion? Will He find His word having free course in it or will other things occupy it? Will He find it "swept and cleaned"?

When He returns, in what condition will He find your "house" (life)? Will you rejoice with great joy at His arrival or will you be embarrassed to have Him see its condition? As I said earlier, my house will get messy and out of order when I get busy with other tasks and neglect it. Jesus warned us not to become too busy with the "cares of this life". Why? For several reasons, but it is also one of the main reasons why we let our lives get out of order. We are too busy taking care of the things of this life that we don't have, take or make the time to tend to our "houses", and our spiritual well being. When we don't take care of them, that is when they get out order. After all, you can't do both at the same time- one will suffer. Are we allowing the one that is most important to suffer and lack? If so, we need to rearrange some things in our lives and place the importance back on making sure our houses STAY in order because we don't know when the Lord will return and we don't want to be caught with a "messy house".

Have a great day. Is your life in order should the Lord come today?

For further reading:
Luke 12:40-46; 21:34
Matthew 13:22; 25:13

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