Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Every Need'

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

"My God shall supply all my need." What I need isn't always financial, as some people think when they read this verse. My needs go far deeper than just material things. I not only have physical needs but I have spiritual needs too. I have needs in every area of my life.

I already have a list of things that I need today. This morning I need to hear a word from the Lord to share with you in the devotional. Later I will need a word to share with the precious people in the nursing home. I will also need to know how to minister to a lady that I will visit today who is facing cancer. I need wisdom to know how to be a good wife to my husband. I need to know how to be a friend to those the Lord has blessed my life with. I need to know when to speak and when to keep my mouth shut. I need to know how to battle the enemy in prayer for the souls of my loved ones. I need to know how to walk in the Spirit and how to stay attuned to the voice of my Good Shepherd. I need to know how to use the full armor that the Lord has equipped me with in order to stand against the enemy of my soul. I need His help to bear the Fruit of the Spirit. I need to know how to present my body as a living sacrifice, how not to lose my savor, how to keep from hiding my light, how to decrease so that He might increase. I need to know how I can best glorify Him through my life today. I need to know how to walk out the victory over besetting sins that Jesus gave me through His death. I need to know how to treat others the same way I want them to treat me. I need peace of mind. (And this is just the beginning of my list of needs.)

The disciples and others who came to Jesus with a multitude of various needs- some needed healing, some needed forgiveness, some needed deliverance, some needed answers to their questions. Like the disciples who needed Him to teach them to pray. The rich young ruler who needed to know how to have eternal life. Nicodemus came to Him with the need for understanding. There was no lack of needs- spiritual as well as physical. And as we read in the Bible, Jesus met them all. There was not one need of one person that He turned away. He either supplied what was needed, gave them the needed healing or miracle, answered their questions, gave clarity and understanding when asked, or told them what they needed to do.

Whatever you need today, He won't turn you away either. Voice your need to Him. Tell Him what it is. Bring Him into the area of your need. Ask for His help and ask Him to meet it. He desires to meet you at the point of your need- all your need and every need.

Have a great day. Our needs come in a wide variety, but He promised to supply them all.

For further reading:
Matthew 6:8-13
Luke 6:19

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