Monday, June 28, 2010

"My Horses"

"All we like sheep have gone astray..." Isaiah 53:6a

The other day while my daughter and two year old granddaughter were here, a phone call came informing my daughter that their horses were out of the pasture and were roaming around. Naturally, my daughter had to leave immediately and go round them up and put them back in the pasture. She told my granddaughter that they needed to go, but my granddaughter didn't want to leave. Then my daughter told her that the horses were out and they had to go get them back in. (What happened next has left a lasting impression that I will never forget.) My granddaughter's whole attitude about leaving changed. As soon as she heard the words, "The horses are out and we have to go get them back in", she dropped everything she was doing and became so excited. She got to her mother as fast as she could, and in a way that only a two year old can, did some sort of "excitable" movements with her hands and feet, and began to say in a real concerned and high pitched voice, "My horses, my horses (calling them each by name)!!" She grabbed up her shoes and it was straight out the door she went to her vehicle.

I have not been able to get that scene off my mind. Through it the Lord impressed on me that if a two year old became so "excitable" about the fact that the horses were out of the pasture and she was willing, and without hesitation, to drop everything to get them back to a place of safety, why aren't we as concerned, or more so, about the souls that are not "safe". Why aren't we concerned and willing to do whatever we have to do to help them find their way to safety for their eternal soul's sake? Why doesn't it bother us that people around us- family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances- are out of the "ark of safety" and living their lives in places where they risk eternal damnation?

The Lord used my little granddaughter to show me something (out of the mouths of babes) as a reminder. I wouldn't want to see anything happen to those horses, but am I more concerned about them and their safety than I am about souls that Jesus died for. Why doesn't it do the same thing to me as it did to my granddaughter when I realize that someone, especially some one I love, is not saved and on their way to hell? Does the fact that souls are wondering around lost bother you? Those horses needed help to get back into their pasture. There are people all around us who need help to get to a place of safety too-- that place is in Jesus.

Have a great day. Do you get "excited/concerned" about souls that are lost?

For further reading:
Mark 16:15
Luke 19:10
Romans 6:23; 3:23; 5:12
Ezekiel 3:18-20
John 3:16,17

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