Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Baby Birds- Part 2"

"Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?" Mark 8:18

Yesterday I told you about an incident that happened the evening before last about a snake that was on my patio after some baby birds in a birdhouse. We killed the snake but we were too late to save the little birds- he had already got them. I used this as an analogy to make us aware that we must do what we can to watch for and rescue precious souls from the destruction of satan before it is too late. This morning I have another point that I want to bring out from the same incident.

If only we had been aware of the snake's presence a little sooner we could have saved those baby birds. I am sure you would ask, "How would you have known without spending all your time standing there watching?". We would have "heard" it. Birds make a big commotion when a snake is around. After we killed the snake the parent birds came to check on their babies. They made a lot of noise looking for them. There is no doubt that when they first saw the snake, before it did its horrible deed, they were not very quiet about it.

So why didn't we hear them? Just a few minutes before the discovery the weather had calmed down. We had a storm- thunder, lightening, heavy rain and strong winds. The noise made by the stormy weather drowned out the noise and "cries" made by the birds. We were unable to hear them over the storm that was going on.

How many cries escape our attention because we are caught up in our own "storms" and problems? How many people are crying out and reaching out to us to help them but we don't hear because we are busy trying to "protect" or take care of our own selves? How many souls are perishing while we sit in the "house" unwilling to "get wet"? Sometimes it's not just personal problems that keep us from hearing. Sometimes it's self-centered desires, comfort zones, love of pleasure, work on fulfilling our own plans, self interest- these keep us from hearing as well. It is the plan of the enemy to distract us with our own problems, our own storms, with our own desires, in order to make us deaf to the cries of the lost around us. But for their sakes we can't afford to be deaf. We must be listening above the storms and cares of this life if we are going to reach them before it's too late.

Have a great day. Is something drowning out the cries for help of the perishing in order that they may be rescued before it is too late?

For further reading:
John 15:13
Matthew 11:15; 13:9

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