Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Chasing Lovers"

"And she shall follow after her lovers, but she shall not overtake them; and she shall seek them, but shall not find them: then shall she say, I will go and return to my first husband; for then was it better with me than now." Hosea 2:7

I had a very odd dream last night, it was a scene from the movie, "Gone With The Wind". In the dream Scarlett was apologizing to Rhett for all the wasted years she had spent chasing after a man that would never love her in return. In the dream she was truly repentant because she had finally realized the truth that he was not, never had been nor ever would be interested in her. The scales finally fell off of her heart and eyes and she knew she had wasted her life following only a dream and in the process rejected someone who truly did love her with all their heart.

As I replayed the dream in my thoughts this morning, I saw a spiritual application. Scores of people are out there living their lives following dreams that will never materialize. They are pursuing "lovers" that will never love them in return. They are chasing after a "lover" that they think will satisfy them, make them happy or will make their life perfect. Some of their lovers are wealth, fame, popularity, prestige, and other people. But while they are chasing after these "lovers", they are rejecting the one who truly does love them- Jesus.

Jesus is standing there waiting for you to stop chasing after dreams and ambitions that will never "love" you in return. They will never make you happy, they are not able to fulfill your greatest longing and desire. They may satisfy for the moment but the pleasure will wear off soon enough. He is waiting for you to stop chasing something that will never happen.

Are these "lovers" that we are chasing after really worth it? Are they worth sacrificing the true love? Can they and will they "love" you like Jesus does? If you keep chasing them eventually you will wake up and realize that you have wasted your life chasing after something that could never be while rejecting the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

Have a great day. Are you chasing after other "lovers"- other than Christ? If so, you are sacrificing true love for a false hope.

For further reading:
Deut. 6:5
Mark 12:30
Exodus 20:3
1 John 4:10, 19

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