Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"It Shall Pass"

"... weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalm 30:5b

My mother in law has a saying, "And this too shall pass". For years I thought it was a scripture then discovered that it wasn't. But it is backed by a Biblical principle. Whatever you are going through today- it will pass. According to our scripture this "passing" can come with the morning, or it can leave with the night. The "passing" can happen before you know it- one day you are in one state and the next day in another one. You can go to bed at night and in the morning wake up to a different world.

If you are in sadness, sorrow, weeping, despair, pain, morning- it will pass. If your heart is heavy laden and burdened- it will pass. If the trial you are facing is weighing you down- it will pass. If the enemy is roaring so loudly that you can't even hear yourself think (much less hear God)- it will pass. If the circumstance is so dark that you can't see any light- it will pass. If every direction you turn seems to hold hopelessness- it will pass. If the sea looks uncrossable, the mountain looks too high, the valley looks to low, the fire is too hot, the wilderness too dry- it will pass. If it seems like the sun will never shine again- it will pass. If the difficulties around you seem more than you can bear- it will pass.

Just as days and nights pass, just as seasons pass, just as rainy times and drought times pass, just as one year passes and gives way to the next, so do the things we go through- they pass too. Today will pass and tonight will come. Tonight will pass and tomorrow will come. As you watch the sun rise each day let it be a sign, and reminder, to you that this too that you are going through will pass.

Have a great day. It won't last forever-- this too shall pass.

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