Friday, July 8, 2016

"Quick Fix"

"And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high".  Luke 24:49

Everybody wants a "quick fix".  A quick fix in their health, their relationships, their finances, etc.  This quick fix mentality has also come into the church.  We know nothing about "tarrying".  We know nothing about "waiting on God".  We know nothing about staying at the altars until we "pray through".  Do you ever wonder why the modern day church seems to be powerless?  Do you ever wonder why we look so different from the church of our grandfathers or great grandparents, or the early church?  They knew you had to do some waiting-- waiting in prayer. 

They prayed until they had prayed.  They prayed without regard to a clock.  They prayed without regard to what others around them were doing.  They prayed until the answer came.  They stayed on their knees until they had touched heaven and the answer they needed and peace flooded their souls. 

Many say we shouldn't go back to the past.  They say that it is a new day.  They say what our forefathers had is obsolete and irrelevant for today's generations and changing culture.  They are trying to "make a better mouse trap".  They are trying to "improve" what is already perfect and works best. 

The instruction to "wait/tarry/pray through" came from Jesus Himself.  He never was a proponent or taught that there was a "quick fix".  He said to His followers to tarry until they were endued with power-- even His modern day followers.  He Himself tarried often all night in prayer.  Tarrying/waiting is not what we want to do but it is what we need to do.  If we would, we would see different results than the ones we are getting to our shallow prayers.  We would see a difference in our lives.  We would see a difference in our ministries.  We would see a difference in circumstances around us.  You can't "build a better mouse trap", and you can't improve on God's pattern of doing things.

Have a great day.  A "quick fix" is not the answer.   

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