Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"One Small Squirrel"

"Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes."  Song of Solomon 2:15

There was no devotional yesterday because the night before last when I turned on my computer, I had no internet service.  I didn't have phone service either.  I called technical support and they discovered a problem in the line outside my home.  So they scheduled for a tech to come to my house the next day to resolve the problem. 

When the tech came, he told me the problem was fixed and I had my phone and internet service restored.  He also told me what the problem was.  A couple of miles up the road from where I live a squirrel had chewed into the phone lines and caused the problem.  How interesting.  One small squirrel could cause such problems for me and others who shared the line.  I was unable to use my phone, I could not receive calls from anyone, my internet was not working, I couldn't check my emails, I could not send out the devotional, I couldn't even let anyone know why they weren't hearing from me.  

The whole incident reminded me of this morning's verse-- "little foxes spoil the vine".  It isn't necessarily, or always, the "big" things that give us the most problems.  It is often the "little" things.  It wasn't some mammoth creature or devastating act of destruction, or some major catastrophe that shut me down.  It was one small squirrel.  Just one act of disobedience, one area of compromise, one little lie, one glance in the wrong direction, one unkind word, one uncaptured thought can wreak havoc and cause major problems-- problems even of epic proportion whose consequences follow you the rest of your life.  They can take you into a downward spiral and keep you there. 

There is hope though.  It is found in Jesus Christ.  Keep yourself submitted to Him and His will, follow after His way, obey His word and this can be prevented.  Had King Saul obeyed the word of the Lord he would not have lost his kingdom.  He would not have been tormented by an evil spirit.  He would not have lived his life full of hatred, jealousy and bitterness.  He would not have wasted his life in pursuit of David trying to kill him.  Don't let any "little" thing detour you or stop you from fulfilling God's plan for your life, or from living in the abundant life God has planned for you.

Have a great day.  It is the small things that can wreak the most havoc in our lives. 

For further reading:
John 10:10
1 Samuel 15:22,23

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