Monday, August 25, 2014

"The Unfamiliar"

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."  Galatians 6:9
I am sorry that there hasn't been a CB devotional for several days.  To those of you who have checked, thank you-- I am fine and no, it was not your computer.  It was mine.  I was having problems with my computer the last devotional I sent out.  I kept working with it but it kept getting worse.  I contacted technical support, numerous times, but that didn't help.  Then, my computer "died".  RIP!
I finally got another one and it has been challenging to try to figure it all out.  I went from a desktop to a laptop; from one operating system to another; from one mail program to a completely different one.  Nothing about this experience is familiar.  But this morning I am feeling somewhat comfortable enough with what I have learned about this to make an attempt to send out the devotional.  
Much of life is spent in the "unfamiliar".  We all go through experiences, walk down paths, and face circumstances that are unfamiliar to us.  We haven't been that way before, it is new to us, we are having to learn something else.  For example, when I got married, I entered into an unfamiliar place-- it was a new life and lifestyle for me.  The same was true when I became a mother, a grandmother, when I was employed at my first job, when I got my first computer and when I started the ministry.  All were uncharted waters and new frontiers- unfamiliar experiences. 
The point is, there is more of our life that is spent in unfamiliar places and new experiences and not everything is something we "know how to do".  But we don't give up.  We keep pressing through.  We keep working at it.  We keep going forward.  Sometimes we may have to, like my sister in law says, "Backup and punt".  But we don't stop.  We perservere and keep going on.  You know, all those things that I said were once unfamiliar to me, have become very familiar and now I can "navigate" through them with either no trouble at all, or a lot less trouble.  God hasn't called us to quit and give up just because we don't understand something or it isn't familiar to us.  We would live miserable lives if we did and miss out on so much that is good and wonderful. 
Have a great day.  Don't give up just because what you are facing is unfamiliar to you.  The longer you stick with it, the more familiar it will become and eventually you may even be a pro at it.
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Romans 8:28
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