Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"The Real Source"

"And he cried, saying, Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me." Luke 13:38
Yesterday we talked about seeking the Lord first before we seek out others when we are in need. This morning I feel compelled to talk about it again. If our needs are going to be met we are going to have to go to the right source of help. 
When Queen Esther's people were threatened with death, she didn't go to one of her servants for help. She didn't turn to her friends. She went straight to the one who could grant her petition-- the king. When the blind man sat by the roadside desiring to have his sight restored, he didn't cry out to Peter or James, he cried out to the One who could give him sight- Jesus. 
Who are we crying out to? Are we looking to politicians to meet our need? Are we looking to some prophet to help us? Are we looking to the doctors to heal us? Are we looking to the credit union to pay our bills? Like I said yesterday, God can use any vessel He wants to use-- He has used a donkey, a raven, a pitcher of oil, judges, doctors, kings, etc. But these only offer aid and assistance-- they are not the source of our help.
I don't have the power in and of myself to save myself, heal myself, deliver myself, provide for myself, strengthen myself, give myself wisdom, and so on, and neither do you or anyone else. It is because we are not the Source. We have nothing and can do nothing apart from God. Whatever we have, whatever we can do, it all comes through Him. It is only because He gives us the power, the ability, and the know how to do it. Outside of Him we posses nothing. Even Jesus said that He could do nothing without His Father. 
We must stop running to and fro seeking out help that is just as inadequate as we are. We must go directly to the Source of our help. Again, hear what I am saying-- what the Spirit is saying through me-- God has all kinds of resources available to us. But they are only resources not the Source. We tend to seek out the resources but neglect to seek out the Source of those resources. God is saying, "Seek Me first. Come to Me first and I will lead you and guide you and direct you in the way to go". 
Have a great day. Resources are only aids. God is the true Source of our help. 
For further reading:
John 5:19
Philippians 4:13
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